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  • What does "print on demand" mean?
    All of our products are printed on demand; this means we only produce those products that have been ordered and purchased through our store. This method is much more sustainable, since we only print what's actually needed, avoiding overproduction, and it allows us to use techniques that are kinder and more respectful of the environment. Since there's no overproduction of the pieces, the final price of our garments is a little higher but it also allows us to invest in better materials to ensure the best quality.
  • What does "All Over Print" mean?
    All Over Print, as its name implies, is when the print covers the whole product. These are printed directly onto the fabric, then cut and sewn by hand to create the product you ordered.
  • What does DTG mean?
    DTG means direct-to-garment. This method is much more sustainable than other outdated methods, such as screen printing. Screen printing uses a lot of water and plastisol inks that don't biodegrade, and it's also often used for bulk orders, leading to overproduction. By comparison, DTG printing is more environmentally friendly because items are printed only when requested and this method can be used for single item printing. For DTG products, we use water-based Kornit and NeoPigment inks that are Oeko-Tex™ certified, meaning they are safe to print on children's clothing and reduce environmental waste. These inks provide an AATCC rating of 4 for color fastness in washing.
  • Can we make special orders?
    For special orders, for example children's clothing, or a particular quantity, you can send us an email to or a DM on our Instagram to send you the final quote.
  • Can we ask for a personalized design?
    If you have any specific ideas, or a particular design that you would like to incorporate in one of our products, you can send us an email to or a DM on our Instagram so we can send you the final quote.
  • How long will it take for my order to arrive?
    The delivery time varies depending on the product and the country of destination, since we depend on the service conditions of the local mail service. The production time of the pieces varies between 3 and 7 days. After production is finished, the product is shipped to the user. To read in more detail how the production process works, we invite you to review this entry on our blog.
  • How to properly clean your clothes?
    Direct-to-garment (DTG) printed clothing can be machine washed with cold water, turned inside out, on a gentle cycle with mild detergent and similar colors. Use non-chlorine bleach only when necessary. You should not use fabric softeners or dry clean items. DTG printed clothing can be tumble dried on a low cycle, but hang dry works best. When it comes to ironing, use the cool iron inside out. Do not iron the print. Please follow these instructions carefully to avoid fading and cracking of the print, and shrinkage of the garment that can occur if washed or dried on a high setting. All Over Print products can be machine washed with cold, turned inside out, with similar colors, no bleach. Clothes should not be dry cleaned or tumble dried. You can iron it with a low temperature.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to us through our social media DMs or in the Contact section.

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