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Everything you need to know before purchasing...

Hello hello!! This is probably the most important post that you'll find on this whole blog, because this is the place where I'll be sharing everything (and I do mean everything) you need to know about my online store: the way it works, the way we ship the products, the way we print... everything. So just, get yourselves a cup of coffee (or whatever you're in the mood for), get comfy, and let's dive in...

First things first... Everyone who knows me, and especially everyone who knew me back in college, knows that one of my life goals has always been to have my own store; I've toyed with the idea of having home stuff and office items, but the dream has always been clothing... particularly the clothes that I like: lazy wear. Also, my taste in clothes has always been a little bit eclectic and I can't always find what I'm looking for in stores. So, I figured that the best way for me to always have clothes that I like is by making it myself... and that's how Umi Arenas was born.

One of the very first rules that I set, before I even started designing, was that there must be something for everyone. I started this store because I wanted to have freaky clothes to wear, and I want to make sure that everyone finds something they can identify with in my store. I want to have a little bit of everything: plain and simple, weridly specific, colorful, ridiculous, childish, everything. Some of them will be original, and some of them will be licensed because there's way better artists than me out there and I love their work.

All of our products (and our future ones 😉) are printed on demand. This means that our inventory is practically non-existent and only those items that have already been purchased are the ones that will be produced. By doing it this way, we have practically zero waste; we are only using the necessary materials to produce the pieces that have been purchased. Yes, this means that our products will not be the cheapest, and they will not be on your doorstep within three days, but we are choosing this alternative as it is the more ecological and sustainable one.

The fact that there's no inventory also allows me to offer a greater variety of products and designs. It allows me to freely experiment, and be creative and just let the inspiration take over, to the point where I can offer 100% personalized projects and orders for all the products currently available on my store. If you're interested or you want more information about these projects, feel free to reach out on Instagram or through the contact section of the website. So, once the order is placed and paid, the process goes as follows: My supplier has 17 fulfillment centers worldwide. Depending on the country where the order is placed, the closest fulfillment center that has the purchased product will be in charge of production and shipping; this is to help the customer receive their order as soon as possible. Not all fulfillment centers carry all of our products, which is why production occurs in the fulfillment center that 1) carries the product and 2) is closest to the client's shipping address. This is where it gets a little bit tricky because this method makes it harder to establish shipping costs, mainly because every single order will be different. For this reason, I decided to establish a general shipping cost for all orders, averaging what it would cost to send from the different nearby facilities that will be in charge of sending the products. For this very reason, at the moment, we cannot offer an express delivery option and all shipments will be made through the postal system of each country. The production time, on average, is 4 business days and the total average estimated time to receive the order at your home is approximately 15 business days; this is not exact and will vary depending on the product, customs for each country and the postal service.

Before ordering, its vital that you carefully review the size and measurements of the products, which can be found in the images. All of our products are unisex, but for most of them we used male sizes as reference. This is the most important part of the whole process because, as I mentioned before, all of our products are sent to production after being purchased; this product will be exclusively made for you. There's no stock available to switch or change. Our return policy is here, so please take it into consideration before making a purchase.

I know it can be a lot, even tedious, to read all of this, but it is important that you are aware of how the store works, how we produce our pieces and how shipping works before making a purchase. It's for your peace and mine, and it relaxes me to have everything out in the open; plus, I believe in total clarity and transparency.

If you have any further questions about the process, or the store or if there's anything that's not clear enough for you, feel free to reach out via Instagram or through the website.

Talk to you soon!

Umi 🖖🏼

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